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DeLisle has provided site safety officer and industrial hygiene support in the power generation industry since 1990. Exposure concerns to workers performing power outage work may involve hazardous materials ranging from asbestos, lead, hexavalent chromium, and arsenic as well as a variety of chemical, particulate, and gaseous contaminants. Capturing contaminant exposures on media and then either submitting these samples to an independent laboratory or providing real-time analysis capabilities onsite are all part of DeLisle’s support capabilities.

In addition to conducting industrial hygiene work during outages, DeLisle routinely provides onsite site safety officer support during the repair and maintenance of generators and turbines as well as other construction related work. When DeLisle performs this type of work, we serve the client as a skilled employee, and maintain compliance to all OSHA safety regulations.

DeLisle designs site safety plans, administers on-site training programs, and generates safety and health programs prior to the initiation of site work. All components are conducted with the overall goal of maintaining a high level of safety and health without sacrificing overall construction schedules and goals. DeLisle is well versed in construction management and strives to contribute a seamless effort whereby compromises to the “Safety First” ideal are limited.

In the event that DeLisle performs outage support for industrial hygiene concerns on-site, a cost savings can be taken advantage of if DeLisle is brought into the project initially as a Site Safety Officer. All DeLisle technicians are cross-trained in both exposure monitoring concerns and the OSHA Outreach Construction Safety Courses (30 Hour Construction Safety). With this unique perspective, DeLisle can provide a great value-added service to its clients. Our SSO’s are uniquely trained to work with site personnel not in an us and them adversarial manner.

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