Background Screening

By utilizing DeLisle for background checks and employment screening services, you can reduce your exposure to negligent hiring. Performing background checks on applicants is one of the most effective tools available to assist you in making correct hiring decisions. You can make more intelligent hiring decisions utilizing our comprehensive consumer reports. DeLisle is focused on ensuring compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other federal and state laws related to employment screening.

Statewide Criminal History Search

Each criminal history search includes a search of both state-level felony and misdemeanor records, reports of convictions and/or pending prosecutions, with full adherence to state and federal laws. DeLisle conducts a statewide (when available) or county level criminal history check based on the location of the applicants’ residences.

Federal Criminal Search

Each Federal Criminal Check includes a search of federal district records, reports of convictions and/or pending prosecutions with full adherence to state and federal law. A federal level criminal history record check is based on the location of the applicant’s listed residences. Checks can also be completed for applicant’s work or school addresses.

Education Verification

A check of the applicant’s highest degree attained, schools attended or all of the applicant’s educational records. Qualifications may be set by the client (i.e., only post-high school, no trade schools, etc.). Education checks include verification of attendance, period(s) of enrollment, degree/diploma awarded, graduation date, major course of study, and source name(s). Verification can also include the applicant’s GPA and/or transcripts.

Motor Vehicle Report

Statewide Motor Vehicle Record Check (MVR) of the appropriate motor vehicle files are based on the state where the license was issued. Each MVR Check includes verification of license, accident and conviction history.

Social Security Number Verification

A Trace is conducted based on the biographical data provided by the applicant. And a inquiry includes verification of Social Security Number, current and previous addresses.

Employment Verification

Check of all listed employees during a specified period of time. Each employment check can include job title, salary, dates of employment, reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire. Verification can also include performance evaluations and/or drug screening results, if available.

Residence Verification

Verifies that the applicant lives or lived at all listed residences, using credit bureau databases.

Nationwide Wanted Person Check

Allows DeLisle to process your new and/or current employees names through a federal law enforcement database, which provides a national “wanted person” check. Outstanding offenders can then be pursued by federal or local law enforcement.

Supplemental National Criminal Information Check

Database consists of current and historical arrest, felony, misdemeanor, incarceration, conviction, fugitive, escapee, absconder and probation information.


International law enforcement database that identifies persons wanted by international authorities (INTERPOL)

Government database that lists suspected terrorists, sanctioned terrorist organizations and international narcotics traffickers based on U.S. foreign policy and national security goals

Government database that identifies person(s) denied from participating directly or indirectly in international business transactions because of terrorist or other illegal activities.

Professional License/Credentials

The appropriate organization is contacted to verify applicant’s professional credentials listed on the application and issued by the organization. Each professional credential check can also include a disciplinary action record, if available, at the client’s request.


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