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Given the range of serious environmental concerns that surround power generation equipment demolition, and the growing value of the metals that equipment contains, resource recovery in such facilities demands a new, highly specialized approach.

DeLisle Associates along with its sister company Lakeshore Reclamation & Resale LLC can bring together the entire range of relevant skills and experience necessary to meet that demand.  We can assure total compliance with environmental health and safety regulations, produce very substantial return on investment, and free facility owners to focus on more critical core business issues.

DeLisle Associates and Lakeshore Reclamation & Resale LLC* turns project headaches into profitable opportunities with single source simplicity for: on-site environmental evaluation and monitoring, all necessary abatement specification, building demolition, stator bar and rotor salvage, materials transportation and logistics and material recycling.

DeLisle Associates and Lakeshore Reclamation & Resale LLC clients include: First Energy Corporation, Exelon, Florida Power & Light Company, Montana Power, and Alabama Power, a Southern Company subsidiary, just to name a few.

Stator Bar Recycling

Our stator bar recycling process is an automated process that requires very little human handling, removing the exposure potential to workers.  It is self-contained and produces a final product that is legally “non-asbestos” containing.  Below are picture of the three stages of the transformation from stator bar to final product.

In some cases, we can bring our equipment to your site.  This requires a minimum quantity of material to be processed but for utilities that have large quantity of bars stockpiled or buried on their site, it can be worth the effort.

*Lakeshore Reclamation & Resale LLC is fully licensed in the State of Michigan to perform this service.

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